Friday, November 23, 2007

Synthetic Feces

Interview with Wim Delvoye, creator of the Cloaca, a machine which produces excrement from food without the aid of the human digestive system.
lacanian ink 19

Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Sunrise Lands

The OverDrone has just finished this book. The fourth set in an apocalyptic world where physics has gone awry. This is the first in a set of four and The OverDrone could not set it down. Despite it being Thanksgiving The OverDrone found himself being swept far away from the turkey and stuffing. Nobody does the mil-spec alternate worlds stuff like SM Stirling.
The Sunrise Lands

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Marc Palm's Junk Drawer

30 paintings of fantastical creatures in 30 days. At first The OverDrone was put off by the plain backgrounds but seeing them all together like this the blankness creates a shared dreaming, a floating world.
Marc Palm's Junk Drawer


While looking around the website hosting Wim Delvoye's zit-poppin' masterpiece The OverDrone found this long documentary on DaDa. Dada was a movement which highlighted the absurd, shocking the art world off of it's academic rails.
Deutschland DaDa

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

U B U W E B - Film & Video: Wim Delvoye

Short post today due to family being over for the holidays. The OverDrone spent the day at the Field Museum. As always the totem poles totally impressed.
Wim Delvoye produces a similar sense of wonder albeit at a lesser magnitude in his short film Sybille II. Beauty is not always thirty feet tall and made of wood. The OverDrone has found no way to embed this so click here and push play.
Wim Delvoye

Monday, November 19, 2007

Ivan "Sad Bastard" Brunetti Loves Misery and Comedy

The OverDrone can remember the first time he read an Ivan Brunetti book. The year was 1995 and The OverDrone was living above a Polish bakery on the South side of Chicago.
Chicago was a hotbed of comic book activity at the time. Chris Ware, Daniel Clowes and the aforementioned Mr Brunetti were all living there and comics hadn't been so hot since the debut of Love and Rockets.
Once a month The OverDrone would break into his change jar and make the trip North to Quimby's. The hardest part was always choosing what to buy from the zines, the oddball magazines and the beautiful, glorious, non-superhero comics.
Anyways, The OverDrone happened to purchase Schizo #1 on one of those trips. Reading it that night The OverDrone knew he was in the presence of genius. The very next day The OverDrone returned to Quimby's to purchase the second issue and was not disappointed.
The misery, the grime and the horrible banality of modern life are contained in the three issues of Schizo. Why did Ivan Brunetti stop there? Judging by the contents of the three extant issues it is a wonder that he did not stop before he even began.
Misery Loves Comedy, a beautifully bound hardback, collects the three issues of Schizo. Each issue is a pustulous pit of despair and the three together are an acne scarred face crying tears of vodka and salt.
Ivan Brunetti