Saturday, September 15, 2007

Looking back on Larry Craig

Idaho Senator Larry Craig has been in the press lately due to his solicitation of an undercover cop in a Minnesota men's room, but what about his other accomplishments? Bill Cope says,
I think it's safe to assume there will never be a "Larry Craig Middle School" or a "Craig Center for the Performing Arts," let alone a "Larry Craig Wilderness" or a "Mount Craig." Nor should there be. At every step of his career, Larry Craig has busied himself at undermining things of our world that should last ... salmon, honor, freedom, forests, integrity, rivers ... you name it. Instead, he has spent his life as nothing more than a facilitator for the smashers and grabbers, for those who see no value in anything but the easiest buck they can make. In spite of what his old cronies say, nothing Craig accomplished should last. Everything Craig accomplished should be undone. His legacy can only be applauded for the complete dismantling of it. Too bad, Larry. I feel for ya', but your old Senate buddies are right about one thing. You are a disgrace.

And as to the brief mention you deserve in future Idaho history books, I have a suggestion: "There must be a zillion ways to be a whore, and the least harmful of all have anything to do with sex."

Bill Cope: Pity the Fool

Boise Weekly, One Man, One Bike, One Day

This fellow participated in a 24 hour Mountain Bike Race. Sounds Fun!
24 Hour Mountain Bike Race: One Man, One Bike, One Day

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Contest Time!

Yes that's right, The OverDrone is offering a hand-drawn version of this popular lolcat to the first reader who posts the caption on the picture from which this drawing was done.
Be sure to tell The OverDrone whether you prefer the version on the left or the one on the right.
Just to make it easy on you readers here is a link to lolcats.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Chupacabra DNA results Still Not In

A chupacabra may have been scraped off of the road outside of Cuero, Texas.
This story was originally posted on 9/2. The OverDrone and the nation anxiously await the results.

via Neat-O-Rama
Texas town wonders if mythical beast was found -

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Blues that doesn't suck! 'T Nieuwe Werck 086 of Dj Romboter

So, The OverDrone had neglected to check out this mix from 'T Nieuwe Werck due to his first glance at the playlist.
The OverDrone had a chance to listen to Dj Romboter's Blues Mix while playing a lively game of Wii Sports. This is an excellent reformatting of timeless classics.
'T Nieuwe Werck: 'T Nieuwe Werck 086 of Dj Romboter

Monday, September 10, 2007

Yawning Means You Care Too Much

The OverDrone knew he wasn't simply bored, tired or on prescription drugs. He will no longer try to hide his yawn behind a balled fist. Now the OverDrone will look straight into the eyes of the person responsible, yawn and then put his hand on their shoulder and say "Good Talk, man. Good Talk."

Sunday, September 9, 2007

George Saunders on Letterman

OMG! A link to George Saunders on The David Letterman Show. OMFG! The clip runs on Quicktime. The OverDrone can't watch it but maybe you can.
George Saunders is one of the few short story writers to be published in the New Yorker whose work actually references reality. Not for him the slow disintegration of over-monied couples. Instead he focuses on the marginal; lab animals, tourists, poor people, institutionalized teens, The OverDrone could go on but Mr. Saunders tells it better than The OverDrone does.
Here he is reading from his story, "Bohemians". It is a thrilling tale of unsupervised childhood set in Chicago's South side.

And here is the second part.

Saunders is a tenured professor at Syracuse Univerity and has won numerous awards. The OverDrone approves this writer.
(Due to the continuing popularity of this page The OverDrone has added a link and an Amazon box-10/26)
The Rakes Progress has a wealth of trivia gleaned from a 2005 evening with George Saunders including this tidbit.
Did you Know-"Bohemians" took eight years to write and was only completed after Saunders received a revelation about one of its characters while showering?

Here is a link to a fan site and here is an interview with him as well.

Saunders on Letterman (requires Quicktime)
via LAT
YouTube - "Bohemians," Part 1
YouTube - "Bohemians," Part 2
The Rakes Progress

Enrich The OverDrone and please yourself by buying the book containing the above story below.

Mixtapes Recommended so far

It has been almost a month since The OverDrone appeared on the Internet, looking back, The OverDrone has recommended some awesome music.
It all started when The OverDrone downloaded a mixtape from PitchforkMedia. When The OverDrone's socks recovered from being rocked, he immediately posted this:
Then The OverDrone found a reggae mix which changed the way he looked at rub-a-dub style reggae:
Lock It Down
Encouraged by that success, The OverDrone then rummaged through 'T Nieuwe Werck's bins and found this killer mix:
Pop Rides Pony
This week The OverDrone has been spinning this:
That is the almost month in music review.