Saturday, September 15, 2007

Looking back on Larry Craig

Idaho Senator Larry Craig has been in the press lately due to his solicitation of an undercover cop in a Minnesota men's room, but what about his other accomplishments? Bill Cope says,
I think it's safe to assume there will never be a "Larry Craig Middle School" or a "Craig Center for the Performing Arts," let alone a "Larry Craig Wilderness" or a "Mount Craig." Nor should there be. At every step of his career, Larry Craig has busied himself at undermining things of our world that should last ... salmon, honor, freedom, forests, integrity, rivers ... you name it. Instead, he has spent his life as nothing more than a facilitator for the smashers and grabbers, for those who see no value in anything but the easiest buck they can make. In spite of what his old cronies say, nothing Craig accomplished should last. Everything Craig accomplished should be undone. His legacy can only be applauded for the complete dismantling of it. Too bad, Larry. I feel for ya', but your old Senate buddies are right about one thing. You are a disgrace.

And as to the brief mention you deserve in future Idaho history books, I have a suggestion: "There must be a zillion ways to be a whore, and the least harmful of all have anything to do with sex."

Bill Cope: Pity the Fool

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