Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Not my Demographic

As if I needed more proof than the "Left Behind" franchise that endtimes evangelical narratives lacked a compelling plot line, Rob Liefield, the bulgy arm, stringy face guy's "Armageddon" is painted in a style that i can only describe as raptural realism. Cynical atheist that I am, I'm inclined to think that this is just a sardonic gesture but paired with the confusing and overblown plot, I'm not so sure.
Something about Russia and this magic guy in Magneto's old helmet something something end of the world, then suddenly, "Little did he know that that the god of heaven had anticipated this move before the annals of time. All of their efforts would be brought to naught. No one would be able to stand against the divine plan of God." Dude, why didn't you tell me back on the first page that God was gonna fix all this? I don't even need to read anymore, I'm just going to stop right at the bottom of page six.
Speaking of pages, Liefield, what the hell happened on the bottom left of page thirteen? God, come fix this layout!
Don't worry comics fans, there is plenty of modestly clothed T&A for you to slobber, I mean pray over. Someone is going to like this book, it just isn't me. Maybe the Home-school crowd, starved as they are for pop culture. I give this a resounding, "NOT MY DEMOGRAPHIC!"