Friday, September 7, 2007

Remote control skates

Remote Control Skates? That sounds like a Youtube video waiting to happen.
Remote control skates

The Art Jail

Combining Charity, Security and Liberal Arts.
God Bless You Philadelphia!

The Art Jail

The Day Indie Died

"Yuh mate, The OverDrone wuz there like. He saw the facking Stone Roses at Spike Island. n' they were crap, like. Facking Crrap." Said The OverDrone, in a faux-Mancunian accent.
The OverDrone was there. Packed onto a bus in the wee hours of the morning for the long trip North.
On arrival we were shuffled off of the bus and into the concert grounds. Hapless youth that The OverDrone was at the time, he did not know that he and twenty nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine other fans would be shuffling their feet in toxic dust for the next eight hours.
Lacking the money for a t-shirt (or even a bottle of water), The OverDrone and a friend, one Jody Rogers, survived the fierce heat due to one band, Meat Beat Manifesto, who played for something like three hours, keeping the crowd pacified as they waited for the headliners. The OverDrone cannot find a listing of the opening acts online but there were some excellent DJ's there that day.
By the time the Stone Roses came out the crowd was still in good spirits, but The OverDrone was disappointed. There was none of the give and take of the earlier mixologists. They just played their songs and then it was over. Fool's Gold was of course, monster. The Serpentine beat manages to weave through lyrics straight from Beau Geste. Alright, The OveDrone admits it, it was a pretty good concert. The OverDrone is glad he went, are you happy now?
It's just that, after witnessing the power of a sweet beat firsthand, The OverDrone began the long process of shucking off the husk from the dried corn that was Indie rock. Oh sure, you could dance to it, but at what price?
27 May 1990 Spike Island

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Dipso Drills BPM's Through Craniums

He Likes Turtles
The shoegazing posse over there at Pitchfork have cottoned on to the fact that 'Lectric Music is the bollox. Yeah The OverDrone knows, Spike Island was what, seventeen years ago? Anyway, this is the second shit-hot mix in as many months. The first Pitchfork mix rocked bells as well. This one also has that "I Like Turtles" kid. Keep it up Diamond Geezers!
If you are wondering who this Diamond Geezer fellow is, he's the one on the bottom right.

Pitchfork Mix 02: Diplo

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Threadless Store Opening in Chicago | Laughing Squid

Two Threadless posts in one week? Well , they are opening a store in my state. Illinois reprezentin'!
Threadless Store Opening in Chicago

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Threadless T-Shirts - Beyond Awesome?

The OverDrone has just rejoined Threadless after losing track of his old account. The OverDrone had forgotten how great their products are. Not to gush or anything but The OverDrone wears them on a regular basis and they stand up to regular biking, cross country and general mucking about.
Then there is the user generated content, The raw variety keeps their product from getting stale. If you have not stumbled across them yet they are well worth a click.
Unicorn by Anton Petrov

Monday, September 3, 2007

JoCooking: Fruta Efervescente - Sparkling Fruit

JoCooking is a blog translated from Portugese which is dedicated to the art of Molecular Gastronomy. While it doesn't make the techniques any easier, JoCooking does have some beautiful photographs of food.
Like this one of sparkling fruit. Actually this one doesn't seem too complex. involving only a siphon and a CO2 cartridge.
Fruta Efervescente - Sparkling Fruit

Kenan to shed sixty pounds for the role of an election cycle

The OverDrone imagines Kenan's summer training for the role of Obama as a montage set to the tune of a rapper from Nickelodeon's stable.