Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Oreo The Cat

... because i don't have enough cats on this blog ...

OverDrone Inhabits LiveJournal

Well, it finally happened, The OverDrone has infected yet another blogging tool. Now you can find examples of the OverDrone's work on LiveJournal. The reason I use LJ for the webcomic is the poor resolution Blogger has for pictures and images. Admittedly, LJ is kind of frustrating. The layouts are crap and I don't have enough css skills to truly own my page. If anyone wants to help me out in that respect, drop me a line. other critiques I have of my own work include:
  • Paper: The paper I used for this first comic bled too much. That should be fixed by the next one.
  • Word Bubbles: Too large and the writing is too spindly. again I should have that fixed by the next time.
  • Black/white balance: just way too much white space. finding the right balance will take some time.
  • Ratio: again this should be fixed soon.
In the meantime enjoy the first effort and anxiously await the next posting, ok? As soon as the lil' G story arc finishes I will be introducing recurring characters. If you are interested in my influences and where I want to take this strip go here to see the absolute master of political satire and parody. I think it is about time someone published a vicious political strip in America. and I have high hopes of offending everyone in this upcoming election season.