Monday, April 13, 2009

Lemmy Sing You A Love Song

The OverDrone is still functioning and I have good news for those of you who check in regularly (Google Spiderbots #'s 8, 9 and 33, my devoted fanbase). And maybe perhaps, possibly there might be a newer and better OverDrone for the internets to ignore.
This Summer, hopefully ...

Picture above is viewable on my flickr stream thingie here.

This version reminds me of what a catchy songwriter Lemmy is. He'd fit right in with Burt Bacharach and Sir Paul wouldn't he?

... and don't forget the joker

Sunday, April 12, 2009

trippple nippples is PPP

I recently switched from using gross messy old cd's to a brand new mp3 player. It's not perfect by any means, on plugging it into my computer I found that the 2 gigs promised on the packaging is actually only 1.7 gigs. This makes for a very cramped environment in there, electro-certified bangers rub elbows with alt.metal epics while sparse keytard folk songs make disapproving noises over the multiple a-milli remixes. And the line-up! Don't even get me started. Even four hundred songs, shuffled endlessly can get tiring, so I am always removing large chunks of music and replacing it with newer, fresher music. Most tracks only make it through one or two purges before they go to that big recycling bin in the sky or if they are lucky, the cryonics chamber of my 8 gig zip drive.

Today we're are going to talk about one band that has consistently made the cut despite having only three songs and a handful of remixes to their name.

PPP aka trippple nippples
trippple nippples is made up of three young ladies from the island nation of Japan. In the frontispiece for this essay you will see qrea nippple in her mutant cow suit at the bottom. Above her is yuka nippple and then nabe nippple, in blue.
The cow suits, I suspect, have something to do with their claims that they are only trying to help humanity by shooting magic miracle milk into our minds.

In their self titled track, PPP, the nippples lament the persecution they suffer while spreading the message of this miracle milk.
"We just want people to be happy, Yeah?" They sing, as if they are unsure how anyone could remain glum while listening to their bouncy party music. I certainly can't.

Then there is RIP Meat, an ode to the meatpacking industry maybe? A concise summary of selected chapters of Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle" possibly? The nippples apologize for the last time in the chorus and urge us to put it out of our minds. I think this is the first band to call attention to social injustices in the first stanza and then call for an uncompromised forgetting of the aforementioned social issue in the chorus.

Cavity, the latest track by PPP, is a fractured, impressionist saga about going to the dentist overlaid with sweet synth tones that would make the keyboard guy from Depeche Mode weep for lost opportunities. I haven't spent as much time with this track so I don't know how it will stand up against the first two but this boy reporter has drunk the kool-aid and it is made of magic miracle milk. Besides, look at the graphic for the single.

So that is it, I admit that I know practically nothing about this threesome except that they are based in Tokyo and that they sometimes dress up as cows but the exotic cadences of their accented english laid over the synth hooks and electro beats gets me every time. I have played the nippples at least once a day since my first exposure and am looking forward to more of their deadpan "brain damaging pop".

PPP=trippple nippples a digression

Punch the letters PPP into wikipedia and the list that comes up is a potpourri of political peoples parties, absent from wikipedia's entries is the only example of the acronym which promises to shoot miracle nipple milk all over your tupples(whatever those are). But wait, you say, how can a band called trippple nippples abbreviate itself as PPP? I refer you to the diagram above. I vaguely remember reading about the use of this capital letter in this visually punning manner somewhere on the internet but I haven't been able to find it. Anyone with information on this please drop me a line.

Nota Brevis: In the course of my research I came across this video of Harajuku girls set against a PPP track and a short video of the girls in concert. Enjoy.

but never ever go here in search of anything, I warned you.

trippple nippples