Thursday, August 30, 2007

He is what he is and that's all that he is

Ahh, the wonders of the web. After a hard Thursday at the work place, The OverDrone can come home, browse his copious feeds and then pluck something from the excellent Neat-O-Rama, who found it here, who in turn found it here. It's that easy!
The Last Supper, Popeye Style

Together Again

People are more interested in reality TV than the real world, says Joanna Benn.
Joanna laments our obsession with celebrities and wonders what can be done.
-In case you don't know, the current rate of species extinction is at least 100-1,000 times higher than the expected natural rate.
-Still reading? Or are you toying with the idea of clicking on an entertainment story yet?
-How about this? In the time is takes you to read this article, one of our planet's unique species will have become extinct.
-Or this: by this time tomorrow, a further 150-200 will have disappeared forever. By this time next year? More than 50,000 species will have been consigned to history.
-Yes it is depressing, but it's also true. So, should we just slope off and watch "reality" TV or grab a glossy magazine because it's fun to have a nose around the homes of the rich and beautiful?
I have a suggestion which allows for both celebrity and nature conservancy.
Keeping celebrities and endangered species together will kill the proverbial two rare birds with one stone.
  • Endangered animals will see their standard of living rise when they are moved into the palatial mansions of the stars
  • MTV Cribs will be that much more interesting
  • Paparazzi will track the animals, saving researchers time. Instead of having to trek through dangerous jungles they just have to google Bono or Paris Hilton
  • Endangered animals will get much needed rehab time
BBC NEWS Time to tune in to the real world

The OverDrone 's promised sketches

Well, after downloading the driver, installing hp's solution center and then finally getting the scanner to work, The OverDrone can publish one of his work sketches. Do not worry, there will be more to come. Now that I know what my scanner is capable of the next one will be better, i.e. not in ballpoint.
Also here is a link to Reid Fleming, World's Toughest milkman as promised to Laurie (sic?).

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pope John Paul II to join Betty Boop and Bugs Bunny

If you are like many people alive today you will remember Pope John Paul II as a minor celebrity who had his own brand of vehicle. Even Arnold Schwarzeneggar could not get his hands on a popemobile so he bought a Humvee instead and rode it all the way to the Governer's mansion. Arnold might be a bigger celebrity than PJP II was but not for long. Soon there will be an animated movie about PJP II's life. P-Jippy, as his cardinals used to call him, will go head to head with Animation heavy weights like Pixar and Don Bluth for your summer blockbuster cash. Forget the Incredibles, this is the Infallible.
BBC coverage
John Paul II Cartoon to Be Released by Vatican

Drawn! Two heros are deconstructed by Anthony Lister

Here is an artist who is equal parts Steve Ditko and Larry Rivers. The OverDrone approves.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

'T Nieuwe Werck: Tha' Bollox!

Three days since The OverDrone's last 'T Nieuwe Werck post? This one slides through forty minutes so fast you'll think it was twenty. Somewhere around minute thirteen there is an Alice In Chains Riff sequenced against a breakbeat on top of which there is a beguiling sing-song rap in a language I do not know. Ball crushingly good.

Pop Rides Pony

Monday, August 27, 2007

The OverDrone takes himself to task

The OverDrone only needed a nudge to return to the third person. The OverDrone thanks you Snoskred.
Third person is back!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Post Modern Candle in the Wind

The creator of wondermark, David Malki, retired his newsprint stained whites this weekend. As the Comic Strip Doctor, Malki tended to his patients with a keen analytical mind. His prescriptions for the likes of Cathy, Shoe and Garfield were of course ignored by his patients and I am sure the sight of them hanging around in the Emergency room became quite depressing. Malki says,
I don't even read newspaper comics anymore. So it's been a bit hard to get into the swing of things; each time I had wanted to write a new column I found myself dredging through online archives looking for the worst examples of Ziggy or whatever, and that's not how I want to spend another Saturday, ever.
You will be missed, Doc.
The Comic Strip Doctor

Bunnies doing bunny hops

Eery video involving bicycles with a dreamy logic to it. Apparently they had a bit of trouble realizing their vision but it looks great now.

Bunnies doing bunny hops
via Idolator