Saturday, October 27, 2007

LolCat Builder

Build your own LolCat with this lolcat builder. (Sorry about the brevity, The OverDrone had a Halloween party to throw)
LolCat Builder

Friday, October 26, 2007

dot art

The OverDrone has cast his nets into los interwebs and come back with these works from "an artist who blogs about his own interests". Dotartdude hails from Louisiana and produces serene paintings of dots superimposed over various geometries.
Dotartdude also keeps a video journal in which the following is kept.

dot art
Walk It Out

Thursday, October 25, 2007

In ur Bibelz, Creatin' ur Urfs

Oh hai. In teh beginnin Ceiling Cat maded the skiez An da Urf, but he no eated it.
Da Urfs no had shapez An haded dark face, An Ceiling Cat rode invisible bike over teh waterz.

So beginz teh graetist storeez evur tolded ...
Teh OvurDronz, ahem, The OverDrone has never worried much about Ceiling Cat but this new translation is striking. It is high time the missionaries brought Cheezus to teh cats. The OverDrone has three of them himself and they are a godless lot.
When you have finished ur worshipnz compete with other readers of The OverDrone by guessing the lolcat pictured here. U can winz a free drawinz! Guess now!

Thanks to Apophenia who featured this holy book in her blog. There is often interesting and relevant stuff there about social networking, and lolcats.

via Apophenia

Teh Bibel

lolcat contest

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Drones, Drones and more Drones

The OverDrone has compiled a grouping of drone stories for your pleasure.

The drone above was built by two Iranian students and is capable of taking pictures and launching grenades. Where are the American student drones? (insert joke here)
Iranian Students Build Drone in 2 Months
The Register details the crash of a Predator B by the American border patrol. (right)
Erratic fleshies sabotage, wreck innocent flying robot

Ikahna means "intelligent" in Choctaw. This drone will assist firefighters.(left)

This is the waveform of a spooky drone from freesound.
freesound drone pack

One month ago The OverDrone reached across the Atlantic to a group of mop-topped kids in a band called overdrone. The OverDrone's attempt to join their fan club and get a keychain or a badge met with failure. According to their guest book they are at university now. Will The OverDrone ever hear from these punk grungers?
overdrone, the band

Thus ends the Drone Watch for October the 23rd

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The OverDrone: New Cat Contest! Redux

(This was posted originally on September 26th. As of yet no one has correctly guessed the lolcat from which this image originated. If you do then you will receive a framed drawing of this lolcat. Done by hand by The OverDrone. hurry up and comment so that The OverDrone can post another cat.)
Welcome(BACK) to the second OverDrone contest. Above is a sketch of an lol cat. the first commenter to correctly identify the image from the two cat picturing websites below will win a sketch of the above mentioned cat. Yes, you could be the winner of a swell drawing, done by hand in The OverDrone's workshop/front porch.
To find out who won the last contest click below.
The OverDrone: Contest Time!
The OverDrone: lol Contest Winner!
The cat sites are here.
lol cats
I Can Haz Cheezburger?
The OverDrone: New Cat Contest!

Prehistory Repeats Itself

The OverDrone invites you to compare these two images. to the left you will see a depiction of an antler man from the Lascaux caves, to the right an antler man who has been running besides the Tour de France.The modern antler man carries a flag with the Earth on it. The OverDrone could not find video of the Antler man as of today but if anyone finds any, post it in the comments.

NutmegNine: Antler Man

Monday, October 22, 2007

DeKooning mash-ups

The OverDrone often checks artblog for the images and the considered writing. Earlier this month artblog linked to a show called art talk! (exclamation theirs) on VBS.TV. VBS is the internet broadcasting launch by Vice Magazine, which must have just opened because there isn't much content yet.
If you can get over the annoying "Just like TV!" interface the content is pretty good. The Richard Prince piece above, Thurston Moore's counterculture library, a cartoon, some other stuff.
The OverDrone has followed Prince's work for some time but this is the first time The OverDrone has felt like he must see Prince's work in person. The DeKooning mash-ups he shows us are breathtaking, literally delicious.
Watch it from the beginning below.

VBS.TV Richard Prince

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Remarketing Animal Cruelty: Running Of The Nudes

The Naked Truth: the race is cruel(?) Spanish speakers do not be confused. Although this banner is being held in Pamplona the text is actually Italian.
The OverDrone was doing his daily google search for post-modern neo-feminist,conservative, libertarian punk, Catholic, lesbian blogs when he saw a banner ad across the bottom of a page.
Forsaking their blood soaked past, PETA has come up with a brilliant first act leading up to the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain.
Every year what looks to be hundreds of young fit people gather to protest the seven hundred year old human/bovine interface.Neither PETA nor the bulls mind the goring of drunken tourists. It is the bullfighting which PETA object to. Far more eyecatching then a splash of blood on a mink coat, this four year old tradition was begun to show Pamplona that "that it doesn't need to torture animals for tourism."
Who will this deter from running with the bulls? The OverDrone is sure that many people just tack an extra few days to the beginning of their bull running vacation. A couple of days spent watching naked protestors would get anyone's blood pumping for a bull run.
Now imagine being chased by the protestors down those same streets. It might go something like the video below.

Running Of The Nudes
Just a Girl in Short Shorts