Monday, October 22, 2007

DeKooning mash-ups

The OverDrone often checks artblog for the images and the considered writing. Earlier this month artblog linked to a show called art talk! (exclamation theirs) on VBS.TV. VBS is the internet broadcasting launch by Vice Magazine, which must have just opened because there isn't much content yet.
If you can get over the annoying "Just like TV!" interface the content is pretty good. The Richard Prince piece above, Thurston Moore's counterculture library, a cartoon, some other stuff.
The OverDrone has followed Prince's work for some time but this is the first time The OverDrone has felt like he must see Prince's work in person. The DeKooning mash-ups he shows us are breathtaking, literally delicious.
Watch it from the beginning below.

VBS.TV Richard Prince

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