Monday, April 13, 2009

Lemmy Sing You A Love Song

The OverDrone is still functioning and I have good news for those of you who check in regularly (Google Spiderbots #'s 8, 9 and 33, my devoted fanbase). And maybe perhaps, possibly there might be a newer and better OverDrone for the internets to ignore.
This Summer, hopefully ...

Picture above is viewable on my flickr stream thingie here.

This version reminds me of what a catchy songwriter Lemmy is. He'd fit right in with Burt Bacharach and Sir Paul wouldn't he?

... and don't forget the joker


~Static~ said...

Hey, glad you're "back".

I always pictured Lemmy as being Willie Nelson's nemesis.

Everytime "Ace of Spades" is played live, it fries Willie's braids off.

Jet Fisher said...

nice to her from you again static. haha, ouch your profile pic makes my eyes bleed, ow, I did it again. must stop looking ...

Luckily, Willie's braids grow faster than a redneck pecker on a pig farm. He donates the weekly bushel of barber floor leavings to the Children of Chernobyl/Make a Wig Foundation.

Lemmy and Willie used to be Nemesisses, Nemesi (pl?) Mortal Enemies until issue #14 of Vital Justice Teambuilding Motivational Seminars LLC (a privately traded company). That was when they realized that they had both suckled from the same shewolf as young lads.
Willie went on to spread the gospel of marijuana and honky-tonk music while Lemmy dropped metric tonnes of methamphetamines into remote villages of Papua, New Guinea from the cargo hold of a B-52 bomber he had recommissioned for just that purpose.

and don't forget the joker ...

~Static~ said...

Bwahaha! Touche. Nice one!
Yeah it's been awhile hadinit?

Lest we forget Herr Joker, he was pimping out Willie and his pigs. He also had Lemmy by the balls.

The Jokemeister forced Lemmy to do the Papua runs -- blackmailed with photos of his trysts at Willie's pig farm.

Of course Lemmy's cargo often comes up short and is cut with talcum powder, powdered milk or even Ajax..fortunately, dealers and addicts in New Guinea haven't noticed yet.

In fact it's been good for business, they get less of a high and so must buy more - chasing the previous high.

One thing for sure is, the Papuans are fresh, dry, have the whitest healthiest teeth and bones and fart soap bubbles 24/7!