Sunday, September 9, 2007

George Saunders on Letterman

OMG! A link to George Saunders on The David Letterman Show. OMFG! The clip runs on Quicktime. The OverDrone can't watch it but maybe you can.
George Saunders is one of the few short story writers to be published in the New Yorker whose work actually references reality. Not for him the slow disintegration of over-monied couples. Instead he focuses on the marginal; lab animals, tourists, poor people, institutionalized teens, The OverDrone could go on but Mr. Saunders tells it better than The OverDrone does.
Here he is reading from his story, "Bohemians". It is a thrilling tale of unsupervised childhood set in Chicago's South side.

And here is the second part.

Saunders is a tenured professor at Syracuse Univerity and has won numerous awards. The OverDrone approves this writer.
(Due to the continuing popularity of this page The OverDrone has added a link and an Amazon box-10/26)
The Rakes Progress has a wealth of trivia gleaned from a 2005 evening with George Saunders including this tidbit.
Did you Know-"Bohemians" took eight years to write and was only completed after Saunders received a revelation about one of its characters while showering?

Here is a link to a fan site and here is an interview with him as well.

Saunders on Letterman (requires Quicktime)
via LAT
YouTube - "Bohemians," Part 1
YouTube - "Bohemians," Part 2
The Rakes Progress

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