Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What about those pictures The OverDrone promised?

The OverDrone did promise sketches of the work-like hell which The OverDrone inhabits. Sketches were made but have yet to be inked due to a surplus of lined paper currently filling the stationary aisle at The OverDrone's local Wal-Mart. The OverDrone must trek to the Hobby Lobby despite it's awful name.
Whatever your past-time, the Hobby Lobby has an area for you. RC cars are given a generous three aisles of space and next to them, the art supplies. Two aisles which stop just short of the framing department. The OverDrone knows where everything is in this thin sliver of culture. The OverDrone has to know because the attendants, devotees of macrame or scrapbooking haven't an effing clue what a brush is or a tube of paint or a purple-assed baboon.
They glaze at The OverDrone's polite enquiries, "Manganese Blue? Is that a frame? Our frames are over there. Oh it's a paint, like for cars? not for cars?"
She has narrowed it down to the art supply aisles and will crouch there, studying the labels until The OverDrone goes away or someone rings the framing area's service bell.
More than once these mega craft stores have bested The OverDrone. The OverDrone feels belittled by the scant two aisles of space that Art is given in the craft store. Smaller than the RC cars section, but larger than the model rocket's, Art sits away in the back of the store behind aisles upon aisles of mold cast vases and a seven aisle scrapbooking section.
Seven aisles? Scrapbooking? That's nothing, do you know what has the most square footage? It's the silk plants.
If the Hobby Lobby (or it's mirror on the opposite side of the meridian, Michael's) represents all of the past-times lucrative enough to deserve a market share then America's past-time is plastic flower arranging.
So no sketches today, please enjoy the HL collage The OverDrone composed.

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