Friday, September 21, 2007

Snail Pecks

The OverDrone has watched many commercials over the Four and Thirty years he has existed. While overseas The OverDrone enjoyed an assortment of UK and European commercial memes which still infect his brain. Memes like this one.

But The OverDrone has never seen a commercial as absurdist and apt as the one below. The OverDrone doesn't care for Maple Story much but apparently the youth of today are crazy for it. It is like hula-hooping or crack, in that it is a nation wide phenomenon.
Anyway, click on the links below to see the brilliant ads. There are three of them but do not be confused, The OverDrone has ordered them for you from funniest to less funny.
p.s. Hey kids did you know that Maple Story can be your friend on MySpace? Now you can find like minded friends to sit in chairs and click with (insert emoticon here)!
Snail Pecks
Gentle Pig
Fish Slaps

Just One Cornetto- YouTube

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