Monday, October 29, 2007

Detrocboi's Detrocgurls - a photoset on Flickr

The OverDrone first came across Detrocboi's work in the softcore/art photo blog ponyXpress, but the delicious lines and naive subject matter drew The OverDrone back to the Flickr stream from whence it came.
According to his Flickr profile Detrocboi is male but he clearly cares about the rights of woman, depicting them as he does embedded in various machines and stuffed animals. Their disembodied heads oversee cities and weather. Are they more than they were before? Where are their bodies?
In the end, or the beginning of the set (I can't tell) the heads float in spirals of entrails, their faces twisted in anger. This enslavement/empowerment motif runs through most of the photoset. This series is a wry take on the roles of women in society but the line work and coloring is that of the flash that hangs on most tattoo shop walls and on the backs and ankles of many young women.

Detrocboi's Detrocgurls

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