Thursday, October 11, 2007

Feminine Hygiene Feature

Von Taylor: Ovulation, oil on Canvas

Well, it is about that time again, the witching week, when The OverDrone pays attention to the cycles of the moon. Although the OverDrone has never experienced the albuminous flux himself, the Menstruation Sisters have distilled their entire periods into a song which only lasts for one minute and fifty-seven seconds.It is a rough gruel of noises and rhythms and well worth a listen. Download Sister Sucker here from White Denim.

Passive-aggressive notes investigates the stress of multiple females using a single bathroom. The OverDrone is glad that his only concern in a public restroom is not peeing on his shoes.

The Diva cup has been covered in these pages before, but this merits attention. Pointless Drivel features them in a recent post, best of all there is an incredibly long comment section regarding the Diva cup. Users of the cup weigh in about halfway down.
Highlights include:

  • You know who uses diva cups? You ready for this shit? Bitches who PAINT with their own menstrual blood. That’s who uses diva cups.
  • I don’t think anything that big will fit up in my vagina, and even if it did…how are you supposed to get the damn thing out without spilling the liquid inside. Also, who the hell puts this thing in the dishwasher.
  • I’d hate to see someone walking down the sidewalk when that s.o.b. comes flying out after a long day.
  • My vagina once ate a condom, so there’s no way I’m putting a whole plastic cup in there. I might never get it back.

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