Friday, October 19, 2007


The OverDrone suggests that you watch the video first, Simian Mobile Disco's Hustler. The track is a blippy tribute to the lifestyle of the hustler. Near pornographic images of young ladies (and maybe a young man as well, The OverDrone cannot tell) then some pictures of food and then food porn. As soon as the breakbeat kicks in things get weird.
And, for your juxtaposition,

Which one made you sicker?
Further viewing of Simian Mobile Disco's YouTube queue reveals them to be consummate knob twiddlers. They crouch over their little boxes and occasionally glance at the crowd. Poor wee shy little twiddlers.
Just to cleanse your mind of that last video, here is another image The OverDrone found on ponyXpress a NSFW collection of erotic and thought provoking images. Well mostly, there is also a lot of T and A.

via ponyXpress(NSFW Awesome pics though)
Simian Mobile Disco's MySpace (I friended them!)

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