Monday, October 1, 2007

TCJ-Lewis Trondheim

Lewis Trondheim is interviewed in this quarter's Comics Journal. Above is an ilustration from Donjon, a series he did with Joann Sfar, lately of Klesmer! Trondheim's loose style belies the depth of his narratives. Here he talks about the series.
The Donjon world is a world headed towards chaos. It's as if you went from the Enlightenment to Conan the Barbarian. The story of Terra Amata is one of entropy more than anything else. Most likely because we ourselves are nothing but Cro-Magnons armed with atomic bombs and biological weapons rather than clubs.
If you are not convinced by the simple beauty he brings to funny animals wearing armor then try his self reflective web site. Many of these sites are in French so good luck mon amis!
Lewis Trondheim in The Comics Journal
his website (FR)
Joann Sfar(FR)

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