Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Where I've Been

Sorry about the chronic absenteeism lately here at The OverDrone but I have been wrestling with new soft and hard-ware. To illustrate my point let me show you two pictures. The first is an acrylic piece I did on a wood panel.
The second is an attempt at using Corel's paint program with a tablet.
You can see the difference, right? It is like I have no sense of digital values. It is embarrassing to me and I must work to rectify it. If that means less computer time blogging than so be it.
To make it up to my regular readers (all five of you) might I recommend these two mix tapes?

The first mix is another quality offering from those dutch boys over at T'Nieuwe Werck. The second is a mix by Justice, it is known as the "rejected fabric mix" and contains quite a few obscure bits and pieces. Just follow this link.
Well I hope that explains where I've been. See you soon.

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