Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Music Roundup

I know it has been a long time since I published a music post but now is as good a time as any.

Mechanical Asparagus Project- As near as I can tell this is just one guy making lots of songs. I would say they are often ironic if his vocals didn't ooze sincerity. If I had to compare it to other music I would say that M.A.P. rocks the deadpan manner and sweet guitarings of the Violent Femmes combined with the dreamlike lyrics of Ween.

Ellmatic- Antique Fork Mix
sixty eight minutes of songs with bizarre titles. A mix created for T' Nieuwe Werck.

The Death Set- I don't know what it is about these eighties sounding bands that gets my blood flowing but it sure sounds good.

Crystal Castles- More eighties tinged stuff. Tricked out Synth grooves.

Apes & Androids- If you ever wondered what would happen if Adamski produced a SuperTramp album you will frickin' love this band.

Well, that is it for now as I can't be bothered to track down any more links.


elmattic said...

All hail the Overdrone!

Thanks for repping my mix. If you wanna hear more ill shit, peep me out at

Stay classy.

Jet Fisher said...

not only have i peeped your mix elmattic but i've got all my peeps peeping your mixes as well. elmattic is also the fellow responsible for the crazy sick-ass dopeness that is Cities of the Red Night (not just a Burroughs book anymore!). i can't recommend these works enough. a quote from the Toronto band Red Ants might sum it up though, "This is rap music/ Paranoid and aggressive"