Monday, November 12, 2007

The OverDrone: Me Talk Simply One Day: Part4

The OverDrone has grown tired of this topic. It stops here! two readability levels at once, presented to you as the grand finale. Tomorrow there will be a review of Ivan Brunetti's book Misery Loves Comedy just to lighten things up around here.

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Post Grad is another area where the blogs are thin on the ground.
Game Politics is a blog which follows the intersection between gaming and the law. A must read for the political gamer.
Virtual Worlds News' scope is narrower, keeping up with interactive environments and their evolution.
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Well, it has been a long post but we have reached the Genius level. The OverDrone does not know what defines Genius but it is not a good thing when it comes to readability, or is it?
Coming in first (in readers) at the genius level is the ubiquitous Boing Boing. Not what The OverDrone expected as it is joined by such niche blogs as The Victorian Peeper(a blog documenting Victorian England's people and history), the NSFW PonyXpress (great name for a softcore art pics blog) and The OverDrone himself. Yes that's right The OverDrone is only readable by a genius. If you have read this far then you deserve the moniker. It is just you, me and the entire readership of Boing Boing so reach your hand behind your head and pat yourself on the back or invent a hyperdimensional device to do it for you. You earned it!
Of course it is entirely possible that there are levels well above Genius, Advanced Alien Life Form and Intergalactic Hive Mind are two that come to mind but The OverDrone has not read those blogs yet. If you come across any please post it in the comments. Actually, whatever your blog's readability , why don't you post it in the comments.

The OverDrone: Me Talk Simply One Day: Part 1


Karen said...

My blog came out at Elementary School Level, with a profile of a small child reading a book while laying on the floor. I admit to being somewhat disappointed...I was hoping for, at the very least, High School Dropout. Oh, and your 'subscription by e-mail' is not currently enabled. And I couldn't get the technorati fav button to work either. Me dumb tho. Duh.

Jet Fisher said...

No that was probably me. I put those buttons in when I started the blog oh so many months ago. I will attempt to fix them this weekend. My week has been taken up by other commitments but I will be back on track this weekend for any readers who noticed.
Don't be dissapointed by the Elementary school level, that just means you have maximum appeal. Think about it. If the average American has a JHS reading level then some of the not so average Americans will have an Elementary School reading level (I can think of a few I know personally). That means that your blog is readable by everyone but toddlers and dogs(and some cats). Meanwhile my blog is only readable by you, me and the handful of geniuses out there in the world.