Sunday, November 11, 2007

Me Talk Simply One Day: Part 4

Yes yes, The OverDrone knows how tedious this long series has become. The title link today at least links to something else. Two more posts and we we will reach the end. Be strong!
(Also there are some major commitments on The OverDrone's time currently, including the installation of a new shower; Fresh Posts Soon)
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While searching for undergrad level blogs The OverDrone found Bakkouz, what is interesting is that in the comments are directions for spoofing this readability test that The OverDrone has been posting on. Three comments down Za3tar claims, "It just checks the contents of ONLY one page ... So, to fix your rating, just post one highly technical page, and you are all set :-)." The OverDrone has not had time to check this claim out but if this is so than The OverDrone has just wasted four days on a faulty metric.
Just a Girl in Short Shorts is written by a lesbian, libertarian, grade school teacher though The OverDrone so hates to categorize. It deals with women's issues and politics at an undergraduate level.
We Make Money Not Art is a collective whose members are spread out across the blogosphere. If you like bleeding edge culture you would do well to visit them, that is, if you read at an undergraduate level.
Blog Readability Test

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