Saturday, November 10, 2007

Me Talk Simply One Day: Part 3

Welcome to The OverDrone's special investigation on blog readability. This was once one long post but because of Blogger's fascist maximum character limit it has been split up into a six part series on readability. Will your blog be featured? Maybe. Probably not actually, I only used three or four examples per level but you can get in on the fun by posting your readability in the comments.
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High school is often compared to poking yourself in the eye with a sharp stick every day for four years. Let's hope High Schooler's find some relief with these three blogs. The Encyclopedia Britannica is written at a High School reading level. The works of Edgar Rice Burroughs are also recommended for High Schoolers.
'T Niuewe Werck, 'T Niuewe Werck, 'T Niuewe Werck, The OverDrone is always going on about 'T Niuewe Werck. If you haven't been to the site you are missing some of the dopest, kickingest, most awesome music you have ever heard and all of it is readable by a High Schooler (High Schoolers love free music).
WonderMark, the twisted creation of The Comic Strip Doctor is a decoupage comic which is always absurd (High Schoolers love the absurd).
Another surprise classification is 3 Quarks Daily, an erudite and well thought out lit-crit blog which The OverDrone would have pegged as College level (High Schoolers love literary criticism).
New on the leaderboard since yesterday is Archie's Archive, an Australian view of general culture.
The Blog Readability Test

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