Friday, November 9, 2007

Me Talk Simply One Day: Part 2

Welcome to The OverDrone's special investigation on blog readability. This was once one long post but because of Blogger's fascist maximum character limit it has been split up into a six part series on readability. Will your blog be featured? Maybe. Probably not actually, I only used three or four examples per level but you can get in on the fun by posting your readability in the comments.
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This is the level which the average American reads at. It is the level which traditional media writes at. Sitting in this ideal spot are three blogs with three different purposes. The OverDrone plugged in John Chow's site just because he is all over the blogosphere. Although it hurts to promote him more than he already has himself you can see his appeal. He has made his blog accessible to the widest possible audience like the sleek jungle cat of a marketer that he is. SuperPunch is a blog containing interesting art, graphic design and cool projects found on the internet. It too is readable by an eighth grader. NoodlePie is an food blog which is international in scope. The OverDrone was surprised by it's ranking as it deals with complicated subjects.
Does a blog's readability make a difference? Why don't you post your blog's reading level in the comments.
The Blog Readability Test


archie FCD said...

I'm aiming too high - High School level

jet said...

I don't know how that might affect your readership. Do traditional print standards actually apply to the internet? I guess it depends on what you're blogging about and who you're blogging to. Love your work by the way.