Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Top 5 'T Nieuwe Werck

The OverDrone was looking through his music today and realized that a large percentage of his music was from 'T Nieuwe Werck. So here are The OverDrone's top five mixtapes from 'TNK.

The OverDrone has played this one to shreds. There is a seamless integration of song after song. Each one building upon the last until the mix ends, far too soon. Replay Value: 10
2.TNK All Stars
At only one thousand seconds this is the shortest of the mixtapes at 'TNK but it is an intense blend of electronic and analogue music. The slow-motion explosion at the end when Da Doo-Ron-Ron-Ron goes head to head with a Daft Punk track sums up what 'T Nieuwe Werck is all about: New musical experiences created from existing music. Replay Value:8
3.Cold Sweat
All reggae, soul piercing vocals and massive bass, this mix sticks to the brain. Replay Value: 9
4.Tom Waist
This pumping electro mix definitely delivers. Replay value: 8
5.Typsy Gypsy
Balkan beat and Klezmer Klassics mixed into a frenetic stew. Replay Value: 7

'T Nieuwe Werck
Cold Sweat
Tom Waist
Typsy Gypsy


cold sweat said...

replay value: 9! I'm honoured. Thank you very much for your support.

Big up your bad self!

Cold Sweat / Lock it Down

jet said...

The honor is all mine. Your love of Jah Music is so apparent in that mix. It made me re-listen to all of my reggae albums. Keep shouting truth mon!